"Cantor Shore,

I wanted to thank you for the cantillation resources that you have made available on your website. I'm a first year Biblical Hebrew student at Brigham Young University. I love the Hebrew language and the Jewish religion. I felt deep joy when I attended Shabbat services at a local temple and I was enriched by the beauty of the cantillation and I wanted to learn how to express my feelings of adoration and worship in that way. The lessons and resources on your website have been a great help in my personal quest to learn more about the Torah and the God of Israel. I feel a deeper sense of spirituality and I gain a better appreciation for the scriptures because of cantillation. Thank you again for these amazing tools.

Warm Regards, Dalton Galke"

"I am a Christian but my dear mother was Jewish. I absolute loved the you tube clip by Cantor Stephanie shore. I would love to hear more is anything available To buy .your website is fascinating Shalom

Shalom David Thomason - United Kingdom"